Esports Consulting & Management

Esports management coaching for staff & players. Leadership coaching, Problem analysis and Problem solving, and implementing necessary stucture adaptable for every department, game and management. Everything is individually changeable and target-specific designed.

What I offer

Management Coaching

  • Communication within hierarchies
  • Implementing of content creation and event organisations with in the department (tournaments, community events)
  • Social media consulting
  • Implementation of 360° feedback sessions
  • Diversity & inclusivity training
  • Leadership coaching
  • Introduction to a performance controlling statistic tool
  • Personality tests and interpretation
  • Goal setting & athlete motivation


Athlete Coaching

  • Team split preparation over several weeks
  • Teambuilding exercises and events
  • Theory lessons of Pro-Coaching to every topic
  • Bootcamp planning, organisation and monitoring,
    incl. Diet-& Fitness plan 
  • In-depth analyses of athletes & staff 
    • Target agreement talks with the athletes, coaches, manager and other staff


  • Teambuilding
  • Feedback sessions
  • Mindset und performance coaching
  • Target agreement talks

About me

My name is Philipp Marian and I’m working as the head of department (HOD) in League of Legends at WeSports. The responsibilities I perform include management, organisation and supervision of athletes, staff around the teams and the whole community for LoL. My educational background includes a master degree in business psychology with the focus on performance improvement within esports athletes. I was able to learn a lot about teambuilding and communication through youth sports coaching. Besides my work as an esports manager I work as a Sales Controller for a metal manufacturing company which provides me with the skill to see the bigger picture behind plain statistics. I work closely with upper management and my responsibilities also include leadership coaching. My workstyle is best described as identifying problems, analysing them and then finding a solution. I indulge a flexible working environment and can easily adapt to any given situation or difficulty.

What my clients say


Jono Elliot

Founder of Team Improvus

Having worked alongside Philipp on various projects, I can confidently endorse his management consulting and coaching skills! He is professional, authentic, versatile and his insights have helped me improve my business! I can highly recommend Philipp if you would like to take your team to the next level


Andrew Mayers

Former Analyst at Bacon Woodrow and de Souza Ltd.

Philipp has a passion for bringing people together to try new and original things. His priority was always to ensure that everyone involved got something out of this. Philipp’s outside-of-the-box thinking made for many special and varied activities which were often very enjoyable.

But more than that, Philipp showed me the kind of dedication and effort it takes to successfully pull off such things. Using a combination of his strong work ethic and personal passion for these projects to ensure they were a success.

His expertise in identifying individual strengths, helped bringing the team together. Through effective communication and personalised connections he made everyone work towards and achieve common goals.


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